Traveling Mom Picture Day

Becca is a young mother and wife of a traveling musician (and a good one at that – check out if you want to get blown away by talent). Her almost-two-year-old is the most darling boy you have ever seen with eyes literally the same color as the ocean in the Bahamas. Becca has spent the last several years on tour with Trace, and when their little one came, he joined the tour! The life of a travelor is very – very busy, I gather from the stories she shared with me, but rewarding and exciting. Her 1 year-old has seen more countries than I have by far. I was so pleased when she came for this photo session.  I had the joy of pampering Becca today with a slight punk rock, high end photo shoot. Toni, my make-up artist fulfilled her vision perfectly with Becca, using smokey eyes and perfectly stunning hair. Such a natural beauty, it was easy to pose her and turn her into a rockin’ starlet for a day.

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