Class of 2013 Photographer Colorado

The Class of 2013 Portrait Year has begun! Now is the time to schedule your high school senior portraits in order to get a summer booking. If you wait until Fall, things could get rushed as most yearbooks require your head shot by October.

We had our first Senior Portrait Photography Session of the new Class last week in studio. Haleigh will also do an outdoor shoot in order to get both trendy photos and classic, timeless photography from the studio. I recommend this option to all seniors not only for variety in pictures, but to capture all aspects of personality and style. With two sessions, a high schooler can have two different hairstyles and make-up styles for a better range of images.

Browse and choose a few different Graduation Announcements to use at the end of the schoole year. That way, if there are any specific images required for your chosen photo card (such as a picture where the senior has to be on the left side to work around an overlay or fold location), you can make sure to get those shots from the beginning and not worry about photos not working after the fact.

Contemporary Glamour High School Senior Pictures – so far from Glamour Shots, it’s not even funny. ..well, actually, those Glamour shots from the 90s were kind of funny once you think about it…

Colorado High School Senior Photographer
Colorado High School Senior Photographer

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