High School Glamour Shots

There are many ways High School Seniors in Colorado can be photographed well. Outdoor, indoor, glamour, casual. . . the possibilities are truly endless. They do really well with themes, or with simplicity, and usually have such a care-free outlook, that they are willing to try anything, making themes really fun. They can be silly, serious, fun, and can showcase their personalities easily in a photo shoot. Needless to say, High Schoolers are some of my favorite subjects.

I have done Graduates outside and inside, and each location has its benefits. Some high school graduates have purchased two sessions in order to get an outdoor and an indoor session for a trendy, casual feel, and a more timeless, classic feel. It actually is important to have both kinds of images at this important stage in life. You want to remember life’s trends, but a timeless picture that outlasts trends is just as valuabe, if not more so.

With Summertime approaching, Senior Picture time is ramping up quickly! Here are some examples that hopefully showcase my love for photographing teens. Love it.

Colorado High School Photographer
Colorado High School Photographer

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