I am spoiled for good photos now

Once you have experienced and owned excellent photos, you can’t go back to the ordinary kind. The first time I had our family photos taken professionally (and not just any professional – he was referred to me, and I had seen much of his work and was incredibly awe-struck by everything he touched), I couldn’t go back to normal photos when it came time for family pictures the next year. It’s like tasting an $80 steak for the first time – you can’t go back to Outback Steakhouse after that… ever. You know better.

Lydia has come back for family photos for 3 years now. It has been a delight to watch her family grow. When she came in for her make-over session, I could’nt have been happier – she deserved a time-out for herself. She has three young children and is a stellar Realtor and keep generally busy. But nobody – NObody – is too busy to take a morning out for themselves once in a while… especially when the results can stay with you forever.

Next week, we’ve already scheduled to do a photo session for her youngest.

Good photos are worth it. … every time.

Colorado Photographers

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