Low Key Portraits

Low Key portraits always scared me, but I never really had a good reason why. It’s just one of those things where you’re scared simply because you’ve never tried and just don’t know much about it. Lots of things in life are like that, I suppose: filing taxes for the first time, applying for college, cooking raspberry jam (did that today for the first time and I was purposeful about pushing past the fear associated with inexperience. . . and it turned out great!). Low-key pictures were on the list of fears.

During my photo session yesterday with the beautiful Carli (and her 7 year old daughter), I decided to take the challenge, and behold – it was not so scary after all! In fact, the low key photo was my favorite portrait of the day. It’s rich, full of depth, showcases her featured beautifully, and is genuinely captivating. The black outfit and black hair on black background was a challenge that I was very pleased to have accepted since the result is exactly what I was hoping for: elegant, timelss, classic beauty.  I will be venturing out into the now-charted territory more often.

Photography Studio Broomfield Colorado

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