Red Hot Pictures

Somebody get me a cup of cold water! This girl is on fire!

It was such a treat to get to know Kate during our one-on-one consultation. She is one of the most gentle and inspired people I’ve photographed, and her genuine smile and sweet spirit came through beautifully. Some of you know this already, but during a photo shoot while the make-over is going on, I get to sit with you and get to know you a bit better. This is one of the highlights of a photo session. I do love taking the photos, but the relationship is a very valuable piece of what I do. Not only does it help me catch your true personality in a photo, it just blesses me to get to know people from all walks of life and be inspired by so many varied personalities. I love this. I love taking portraits. I love meeting new people and gaining insight into their lives and learning from them, even is such a short amount of time. I love sharing something so intimate and personal as a photo shoot. Thank you for trusting me with who you are!

Here is Kate’s before-and-after. I think her joyful personality really shone during our photo session.


Denver Portrait Photographer