The Glamour Portrait Photography Genre

I started out as a mom-got-a-nice-camera photographer. I really just wanted scrapbook worthy photos of my kids, and sincd I already knew photoshop, I was able to produce pretty decent photos from the start. I never thought it would morph into something so big and fulfilling. Over the past 3 years, I have photographed families, children, birthdays, weddings, high school seniors, and have challenged women I know to do no make-up photo shoots. All genres have been rewarding and challenging, and now that I have settled (for a few years at least) onto portraits, I feel more satisfied than ever before. Finding beauty and photographing it is most certainly on my favorites list right now. I can’t imaging doing any other type of photography. So maybe I’ll stay here a while – become excellent at it. I have always wanted to be truly excellent at something – perhaps this is my something.

Sharon is 37. “Don’t you mean 27?” you ask? No, no, I do not. She is a very stunning 37 with beautiful skin, eyes, body shape, hair, full lips.. there was almost too many beautiful features on this dear woman to let me focus! She is mother to a 16 year old and a 14 year old, an entrepeneur (check out her store, Luxury Down Pillow – we have 6 of them and L.O.V.E. them), a relationship-oriented woman full of God’s mercy and love. Really when you think about it, I had it easy getting all of that ‘on film.’

Happy Mother’s Day, Sharon! You deserved this time of pampering and recognizing the gifts God has blessed you with. I’m trying not be jealous of how pretty you are.


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