You are not Un-Photogenic

Stacy is a head-turning, beautiful, fit woman, who to my great surprise, said she was very un-photogenic. It got me thinking about why people feel this way – I suppose I do at times as well. I think it boils down to a few simple explanations: They don’t know how beautiful they are and they have never had their picture taken by someone who can capture that beauty. Insecutiry deceives us all and manifests in countless ways. It’s my joy to be able to disprove at least one of those lies and show women what I see – how others see them. As we continue to find our security in the Lord alone, I hope that we all can be open to really hearing others as they speak into our lives. I speak as a photographer and I am honored.

And as you can see, Stacy is NOT un-photogenic.

Photogenic Photogrpaher

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