Young Children Portraits

Sometimes young kids can be just too full of energy to slow down for a picture, but with the right tools and atmosphere, even children as young as 4 years old can give a fantastic portrait. Children usually photograph best outside where they have time to run around in between shots, but an indoor studio photograph is timeless and can be more captivating than a more casual outside setting. I photograph both indoors and outdoors for family portraits, and each has a very specific style. Outdoors is much more relaxed and candid, and I think this type of photography is important to have in your albums. Indoor photos are perfect for wall art, and to send to grandma and grandpa – studio photos are classic and will never go out of style.

Today, I had the privilege of photographing an old friend (literally – she was at my 5-year old birthday party and I have a picture to prove it!) and her two beautiful young daughters. I hope to continue the tradition year after year to see how they grow with a consistent and timeless style of photo.


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