12 Ways to Acheive a Perfect Glamour Shot – My 2012 Re-Mix

Some of you have seen this hilarious article re-posted by one of my absolute favorite photographic sites, F-Stoppers, poking fun at the old Glamour Shots poses and the “rules” you have to follow to get the perfect glamour shot. I’m not at all ashamed to say that I, too, had a session at Glamour Shots (actually Olan Mills, but the concept is the same) when I was 12 (they totally dressed me up like a 30 year-old) and then again at 15 (again, dressed me up and posed me like a 30 year-old). And the photos were fabulously hilarious in retrospect. At the time, they were adored, but the amount of “90s trend” they stamped on each photo really created an unfortunate situation – in about 5 short years, these photos would be practically worthless for hanging on a wall for any lengthy amount of time (unless you’re looking for a conversation piece).

I have taken the challenge to use the same rules dictated by the article and create  slightly more modern, timeless portraits. I genuinely think these photos are classic enough to stand the test of time.  We shall see!

You should open up the original article (link above) and do a side-by-side comparison to see where my inspiration came from 🙂

Rule 1. Hold on to your collar
Glamour Shots Denver

2. Wear Silk Gloves (I modified my material just a touch)
Glamour Studio Photographer

3. Wear a feather boa (how about a feather dress to change it up a bit?)
Feather Dress Photography Colorado

4. Play up your hands
High School Photographer Boulder Co

5. Expose your shoulder
Photography Studio Broomfield Colorado

6. Make sure your hair is awesome (this one is my favorite category)
Thornton Colorado Photographer

7. Combine as many options as possible (I actually struggled with this one – I don’t like to “over-stuff” my photos. But here we have some sexy skin, awesome hair, and hands in play at least)
Photography Studio Broomfield Co

8. Opt for a cool hat
Senior Photographer 2012

9. Add your favorite jacket
Family Glamour Shots Denver

10. Make use of props or accessories.
Best Photographer in Colorado

11. Bring a friend
Best Friends Photographer Boulder

12. Whatever you do, don’t become a “Granny Glamour Shot” (I beg to differ)
Portrait Photographer in the Denver Area

Visit EldeenAnnette.com to book your Denver Glamour Session today. We’ll use slightly more modern techniques than in years past. . .

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