How 2013 High School Graduation Looks

The style of photography has changed dramatically in the last 5-10 years for High School Senior Photography. I suppose that’s to be expected, as the photography world has really come alive with the accessibility of excellent cameras and post processing software.  There are so many photographers out there, that high school seniors have a good selection of style to choose from, but unfortunately, a lot of those photographers are stuck on the current over-processed, super bright, retro and vintage colored images style. I’m not saying this style isn’t fun once in a while, and I will revert back to that old trendy style once in a while when an image calls for it, but I have found a great deal of appreciation for a more genuine, timeless picture from my clients.

It seems odd to say that I’m ‘pushing the boundaries’ of portrait photography right now by providing more natural images (natural lighting, coloring), but it seems to be that way when I compare my current work with my past work and the photographs of most other current-day senior photographers. But it seems that this type of perfected natural image is somewhat rare currently. I’m just saying that it’s fun to take a step back and see the circle of progression. I wonder where things will be in the next 10 years. . .

This is Breane, and she is the model high school senior for this new concept. Her images are glamorous, not cheesy, and timeless. The kind you would be happy to submit to the yearbook, stick in an album, and send to grandma. Oh, and they also look like they could belong on the cover of a magazine. That’s always cool.

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