High School Senior Picture Outfit Ideas

What I love about the culture we live in is that no matter what your style is, it’s in style. Everything from the simple organic style of the 60’s and 70’s all the way through the bold colors and patterns of the 80’s, to the rockin’ hair styles and colors of the 90’s is in play right now. The style of the 2000’s seems to be an ever-changing combination of styles from years past. It’s like we took the best from each decade to create an entirely new look, with a few original items thrown in for flavor. It’s a photographer’s dream shoot when anything goes for style and clothing choices.

With all of the outfit options available for a senior photo session, it can be hard to narrow down the selection to what will translate well in a photograph. As a high school senior photographer in Colorado, I have put some research into what type of styles work best for the camera. For a senior photo shoot, we need to think about our goals – and they will vary from student to student. Some girls want to look like they came right out of a fashion magazine. For them, we organize an on-location high-fashion photo session (totally fun). Some girls want to look like themselves, but a bit more glamorous. For these sessions, we usually stay in-studio and create some truly timeless pieces. And some girls want a more simple photo session showcasing their personalities. I love an on-location session to capture a good amount of candid pictures for these girls. And then there are some high school seniors who want a bit of each – they usually schedule two sessions in order to have double the fun and double the memories.

With each session, however, there are common rules I like to follow when choosing clothes that will photograph best. In my experience, there are certain items that really stand out and create a captivating picture – even if the goal is to keep it simple and organic. Here are a few things I ask my clients to keep in mind and look for when shopping for a senior photo session.

–          Lots of lace

–          Tight-fitting layered outfit

–          Clothing with movement (flowy)

–          Clothing with “volume”

–          Clothing with lots of texture (think feathers, frayed yarn, etc.)

–          Solid Colors

–          Light, Simple Patterns

–          Earth Tones

–          Long dresses or a dress with volume (tulle,  ruffles, feathers, etc.)

–          Tight-fitting blouses/shirts

–          Shirts/Dresses with detailing (beading, lacework, cut-outs, etc.)

–          Jeans

–          Solid black shirt or dress

–          Solid white/cream shirt or dress

–          Smaller, fitted jacket (leather or jean jacket works best)

–          At least one pair of heels

–          Jewelry to fit your personality (“big” jewelry photographs well)

Check out the ALL of the outfit ideas for senior girls here.

Here are some photographs showing off how beautifully some of these ideas can work for your senior pictures

Something Dressy.  
I always recommend at least one formal or classy dress outfit for my senior girls.  We hire a hair stylist to stay with us for the duration of the portrait session, so we love to get a classy ‘do to go with a classy outfit.  Look for dresses that have a special detail, like beads, lace, or especially something shiny that will catch the camera lens…A Dress with detailing (beading, lacework, cut-outs, etc.). Simple is beautiful, but add just one or two elements of texture, and the photos really pop.


Senior Portrait Outfit Ideas

High School Photographer Colroado

A jacket or layers

Small Jacket and detail on the shirt (the camera love ruffles. The more the better)

Denim Jacket Senior Pictures

Best Senior Photographer

Layers and Lace:

Senior Girl Outfit Ideas

Photography Studio Broomfield Colorado

Light colors photograph beautifully.
While rules are made to be broken, usually best to avoid over-saturated, bolder colors to bring the focus back on you! Light yellow and pastels work wonders

Best Senior Portraits for Girls

Senior Outfit Ideas Colorado

But, rules are made to be broken!  Bold Colors are fun for one set of pictures.
Once in a while, bold patterns will work well – especially if tied to your heritage or personality. Avoid stripes, though, as they play tricks on the eye.

Senior PIctures Outfits

Inside Photographer Westminster Colorado

Always have your senior bring neutrals.

Senior Outfit

Ideas for Senior Portrait Poses

I love the neutral coloring in this dress, as well as the waist-high belt to accentuate the hourglass figure.

High End High School Photography CO

A simple black or white T-shirt is a must-have for your photo session.
These colors go with nearly any backdrop and bring the focus right up to your senior’s smile and sparkling eyes.

Outfit Ideas for Senior PIctures

Best Photography Studio in Colorado

Want to browse more ideas for senior picture outfits?  Head here and continue brainstorming for the perfect outfits for senior pictures.

Eldeen Annette is a portrait photographer in Erie and Northern Denver Colorado, specializing in high school senior portraits. info@eldeenannette.com for more info.


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