Make-Over Photography Benefits for High School Senior Pictures

Looking for a more unique photography experience with amazing results for your high school senior pictures? Get a make-over! It is well with the extra money and will not only help make the experience totally memorable, it will help create better photos that will look like the came straight out a magazine. Who doesn’t like to feel like a movie star for a day? Or a super model in our case… A make-over is especially fun to experience with others, like a best friend, or mom.

Hair and make-up for photos should be significantly different than a standard make-over. It acts more like stage make-up than everyday make-up, and really should be left to a professional artist who knows what type of make-up and hair photograph well.

Even though a professional is providing you with a slightly different hair and make-up style than you may do on a daily basis, your input is still valuable! We want you to feel like your absolute best, and will ask what color scheme, level of make-up, and hairstyle you are hoping to have for your photo session. The type of photo shoot you are doing will help determine what type of make-over you will get as well. For instance, a high-end indoor contemporary glamour session will probably mean big, glorious hair, and slightly heavier make-up. An outdoor session will probably require a more natural style of make-over with brown tones and beautifully bronze skin.

Here are some examples of what a difference a make-over can have on your Senior High School Photography Session. All of these seniors have been fully made-over by our professional artists and the results are absolutely gorgeous. Check out our before-and-after gallery for more examples of how awesome a transformation can be.

High School Make-Over PHotography

High School Photography Studio

Make-over photos

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