On Location Photo Sessions

When are outdoor pictures the way to go? Natural elements can bring a completely different portrait experience than an in-studio photography session. Both are valuable, so which one is right for your photo shoot? Here are some great instances where an outdoor shoot is probably going to be the right choice.

1. You are a high school senior.
High school seniors can do indoor photos very well, but I always recommend that they do both an indoor shoot and an outdoor shoot. They shine outside just as well as in-studio. Textured backgrounds like old cars and trains are trendy and fun, and who can pull off a portrait session in a junkyard better than a senior? They live life with a fresh, few perspective, and their photography setting should reflect their personality, whether it be modern, grungy, or natural.
Outdoor senior pictures denver colorado

2. You have small kids.
Let’s face it: kids love it outside. They are free to run around when they can, they are comfortable outdoors, and they just love fresh air. Kids will have a much better experience outside, and what do happy kids make? You guessed it: happy photos.
Family Photography Denver Colorado

3. You want a theme.
An outdoor shoot is going to offer a lot more variety and accessibility for those wanting a themed shoot. Boating, balloons, picnics, sports. . . the possibilities are endless when you have endless background options and space.
Senior Photographer of the year Colorado

4. You have a large family.
Cramming 7-10 people into a room for an hour does not a joyful photography experience make. Take advantage of the outdoor space and let everyone spread their wings a bit. You’re going to get a better family photo.
Family Photographer

5. You are a nature-oriented family.
If you or your family is out-doorsey, consider an outside shoot. Your photos should reflect who you are and should capture your joys. It creates memorable family photos when your family is doing something they actually love during their photo session. Consider a kayaking shoot, a gorgeous Rocky Mountain hike, a snowball fight, or even just sitting together in a summertime meadow. These images will capture your family’s personality and is a perfect way to let friends and family know what you’ve been up to when it comes time to send out your Christmas Photo Cards.
Outdoor Family Photo Shoot

Outdoor shoots offer the best available light and surroundings for your large family portraits, senior pictures, or standard portraits, but if Mother Nature threatens to rain on your parade, don’t worry, there are options. Plan A: When it’s plan the dire weather forecast is right for a change, reschedule. Plan B: Alternate, available indoor venues. Plan C: Feeling Adventurous and ready to create some memories: If storm chaser weather develops, change your expectations and stick it out to get more unique photos than you ever imagined.
Portrait PHotographer Denver

Now, we’ve talked a lot about outdoor photos, but remember that in-studio images have a completely different style and could be exactly right for your session. My studio specializes in creating modern, magazine-worthy portraits, and let’s just admit it: who doesn’t want to look like they belong in a magazine?! My best advice for single portraits? Schedule a double session and get the best of both worlds. You won’t regret having so many photo choices and different settings.
Colorado High School Senior PhotographerLegacy High School Senior Photographer

Eldeen Annette is an award-winning High School Senior Photographer serving Northern Colorado, including Boulder, Broomfield, Lafayette, Erie, Westminster, Thornton, Louisville, and Brighton Colorado. Contact Eldeen Annette to schedule a session.

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