Unique Christmas Photo Cards

Photo Card Chef not only has really unique Graduation Announcements (some even have up to 13 photos on them), they also have a wide variety of styles and themes with their unique Christmas Photo Cards and Holiday Greeting Cards. There are more types of cards than I’ve found anywhere else as well. You can get the standard flat 5×7 card for something more simple, but if you’re looking for a Greeting Photo Card that’s a bit more impressive, they also offer specialty shaped cards (rounded edges, curved cut-outs, etc.), large bi-fold photo cards (think 16-inch inside spread), tri-fold Christmas greeting cards that host multiple photos, a short family letter, personalized greeting, and more), and even a Magazine Christmas Photo Card (8 pages that look just like your own customized family magazine, complete with family articles, photo galleries, ‘advertisements,’ and the like). Basically, you will find a photo greeting card that is perfect for your family.

There are a couple of more basic Christmas cards that are priced low to meet any budget and seem to be pretty popular since the unique stylist is still present in these more affordable cards, but the majority them are a bit higher up in price. The higher price is justified, though – these cards are printed on the press using the country’s best digital offset printers, they have a number of various finishes available for nearly every design (like, Matte, Pearl, Linen, 100% Reycled and more), and the designs are simply more unique than the standard greeting card company.

I would say that if you are looking for holiday cards that are going to be more fun, personalized and impressive to send out than your standard Walmart or Target photo paper cards, this is a great way to go. Customer service is really fast and the turn-around time can be as little as 3 business days from ordering to delivery.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This is the one we’ve chosen this year – the Magazine Holiday Photo Card
Magazine Christmas Greeting Cards

Here is one that has a mini time-line to highlight the most special parts of 2012:
Timeline Christmas Cards

Here is a totally unique design with a Steampunk theme for more modern families:
Steampunk Christmas Photo Cards

Here is one of their special shaped Holiday Cards with a neat curved-edge design. I bet this would be great for any family in the west:
Elegant Photo Christmas Cards

Tri-Fold Christmas Photo Card Design (one of many options they have):
Tri-Fold Holiday PHoto Cards

Retro-ific! Love the vintage flare:
Retro Christmas Photo Cards

Visit Photo Card Chef’s Holiday Photo Cards – I bet you’ll find one that is a perfect match to your family’s personality.


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