Best of Broomfield – Makeup Artist Toni Joan

Best of Broomfield – My favorite Makeup Artist.

Makeup Artist Broomfield CO

I get to meet all kinds of amazing people in this business – especially artists.  Cinematographers, graphic designers, wardrobe stylists, interior designers, and of course, makeup artists.  I have worked with quite a few and have to say that my favorite artist, with an eye for the creative, and most importantly, and eye for what photographs well, is Toni Joan.  She is based in Broomfield and has traveled across the country for weddings. She makes a regular appearance in my studio, and I would love to hire her full-time if my future has such a blessing in mind for me.

This is a quote from her site, which I totally agree with: “Toni has always been able to see the inner and outer beauty in everyone — and has only been enhancing that beauty for women for over a decade.  Doing makeup and hair professionally for the past 2 years she has worked with brides, seniors attending the high school prom, and even models in need of a new headshot.”

She makes my clients feel beautiful. What more could I ask for in an artist?

Check out her work and if you need (or just want!) a pro to glam you up for a night out, a photoshoot, prom, weddings. . . book her.

And, she happens to be gorgeous herself. As you can see.

I shot Toni’s trash-the-dress session last year. Wowswers, she is pretty.

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