Trace Bundy Portrait Session

Trace Bundy is THE MOST incredible guitarist I have ever witnessed. He plays with a totally unique edge – composing his music with a more mathematical, scientific bent than most of us could ever imagine figuring out how to do. His songs are lyrical, moving, emotional, and technically flawless – and talk about innovative! He has some songs that have 5 capos in use at the same time! Not to mention the use of other seriously awesome techniques like looped recordings (all recorded live, on-the-spot), multiple guitars in one song, and even an astounding live ipod song that you can’t believe isn’t a whole band. Trace is also visually stunning to watch – he often plays his guitar as a percussion instrument and makes fantastic use of the fretboard. If it sounds like I”m exaggerating, just go to one of his concerts, and you too will likely be writing an equally gushing review.  In my opinion (as an educated musician, and just as a normal person), he’s got the best concert in the Broomfield area.

Trace had a portrait session in the studio last week. We got some more high-end, contemporary portraits. And a couple of fun ones, too (see super-rock-star-photo below).

Catch his next show in Boulder on June 15th.



And one with a bit of personality…

Professional Portrait Studio Broomfield Colorado

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