Spotlight on Pam – Mother’s Day Photo Shoot

Pam and Cameron Carson met their senior year in high school in 1978 and were married 3 years later. Pam clean homes professionally and Cameron is a computer genius. They have 4 stunning children: 2 handsome boys and 2 gorgeous girls (as you can see!). They live in a beautiful home in Colorado and have come to treasure their high-end portraits.

Pam’s favorite part about life is being a mother. She does well to find a little “me” time, which she says is very important mentally and physically to remember “you can’t give when you are empty.” What awesome advice! Pam did a personal portrait session a few days before her family shoot as part of that “me time,” which is a session every woman, (mom, sister, daughter…) should treat herself to at least once in her lifetime.

When asked how she has kept such a strong marriage, she replied, “It’s not always easy, bu tone key element is liking the person you’re married to. Also important is having a common road map for life.” Cameron seems to support her in every way he can. Pam also values strong relationships with her children (can’t you just see it?) and her friends (did anybody say Best Friends Shoot?!). She also values her health, her church activity, and her service to others.

I think it’s obvious that her admirable qualities and values come through in her photos. You are beautiful in every way, Pam. I look forward to our next shoot!

Pam was featured on our new Mother’s Day Magazine. Check it out here:

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Pam with her two daughters:
Best Family Photographer in Denver

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Photography Colorado

Beautiful Portrait Photographer Denver

Headshots Studio North Colorado

and Jeremy:
Professional Headshots

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