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A friend of mine introduced me to what may now be my go-to when I need a refresh on my wardrobe: My Best Friend’s Closet. This little gem is in the Orchard Shopping Center, right on the main drag, not far from the movie theater. I remember walking over to it with my friend thinking, “Oh great, another consignment store with over-priced, outdated clothes I have to pretend sift through to convince my friend she’s not crazy,” but when I got there, I could not have been more wrong. There was so many genuinely good clothes (by good, I mean, in style, affordable, and generally awesome) to ‘sift through,’ that I stayed long after they had left! When I finally did leave the store, I had a significant refresher on my summer clothing selection, a smile on my face, and a promise to return.

There are a number of things that impressed me about My Best Friend’s Closet. First impressions are a big deal to me.  Professionals, actors, and musicians come to me all the time looking for headshots that will give them an edge over the competition – something that will give their potential employers a great first impression.  Walking in to My Best Friend’s Closet is immediately impressive. It feels like a normal, open, fresh clothing store with lovely displays that make you gravitate toward them (my personal gravitation? The jewelry display – so many beautiful necklaces for my studio!).

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I also appreciated how easy it was to actually browse. Clothes are sorted by size and color, and when everything you pull off the rack is a great shirt, you end up staying a while.  And can I tell you about the prom dresses and gowns?! They are like-new, every style you can imagine, and go for between $20 – $40! In fact, there was a dress there for $20 that was ALSO at Macy’s (like, at the same time – not last year) going for $120.

I spoke with the owners of My Best Friend’s Closet, Cherrill and Phil (Mother/Son combo – love it!). They have such a great heart for this store and want to see it grow into a national brand (total potential for this). They have already opened two other My Best Friend’s Closet Store. One is in the Northfield Shopping Center at Stapleton and one at the Southlands Shopping Center in Aurora (I hear this one is huge and will be visiting it next week), and one designed just for kids called, “My Kids Closet,” located in the same two areas. Hope they open one up north soon!

I asked Phil about their vision for the store.  They wanted to do a consignment store geared toward the younger crowd, but found that women of all ages were shopping with them, so now they offer items for women of all ages. Phil wanted to create an atmosphere that was fresh and inviting, and made sure to create  displays and a layout that spoke to their brand. In fact, going along with the heart of the store, I learned that their actual display tables and shelves are second-hand also! And they are beautiful, just like the second-hand items they offer. The re-used as many of the materials as possible from the previous owners of the space, which is a great cost-saver, but also a great way to follow through with what the store represents.

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They are also innovative with marketing ideas (high school fashion show coming up this Summer!), and donate to all kinds of charities. Love a business that loves to help!

So, how does My Best Friend’s Closet work? Why do they have such a superior selection of clothing? They purchase clothes from everyday people like you and me to resell in their store, but they are more selective about what they take – making sure it’s in line with what is currently in style, assuring that the condition of each item is excellent, and try to stick with high-end name brands for each item they bring in. I plan on going through my wardrobe this week and finding clothes that I simply don’t wear anymore to bring in and sell to them.  The best part is, you can either take cash from your sale, or you can get double that in store credit – yes please! It’s got to be the easiest, most affordable way to refresh your wardrobe there is.

As a photographer, this is going to be my first suggestion for where to shop in preparing for a photo shoot. There are specific “rules” I give people when preparing their wardrobe for a shoot – fitted clothes, lace, texture, volume, simple colors and easy prints, flowy dresses, and everything glam. MBFC has such variety, I wouldn’t be surprised if every item could be found there.

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You can like their facebook page, and visit their website for more details on who they are and what they do.

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My Best Friends Closet Broomfield

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