Basketball Star – Senior Pictures

There are so many words I could use for how I would like to feel from time to time: well-loved, respected, inspiring, influential, beautiful, captivating, talented, important. . .

When I take pictures of someone, I use words like this to guide my session. I want others to see these traits in themselves through my images of them. And the great part is, each person is a bit different and can put their own spin on, say, “inspiring.” To someone, “inspiring” may result in a giant laughing photo. To another, it may be portrayed through an image of dance. And to another, it may be a larger-than-life showcase of their talent.

To my eye, Brennon is:

High School Senior Portrait Photographer Denver

Talented and Driven:
Senior Portraits Broomfield CO

Basketball senior pictures

Senior Pictures Best

Senior Portrait Studio in Boulder CO

Each image I take has a true characteristic about that inspired the image. It’s fun to get to know people as I photograph them – I get to see a side of them that many others don’t get to see simply because I am looking.

Thanks for a wonderful shoot, Brennon. I can see qualities in you that others only dream of.

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