Children’s Photography for just a bit

After photographing my two girls this week and loving the results, I’ve decided to take the next month or two and accept a very few children, ages 6-14, for portrait sessions. These mini sessions will come with 5-7 beautiful, timeless images worthy of framing for the wall. I don’t usually photograph kids, as my niche is really high school seniors, professionals, and glamour, but for September and October, I’m making an exception and challenging myself a bit. I’ve decided to NOT follow the trends with these mini shoots. I’m not going to have elaborate props and wild preparations. The goal will be timeless, classic, captivating photos that will never go out of style and are meant to showcase their sweet personalities in a truly elegant way, both boys and girls.

Summer is a slightly dramatic, powerful, vibrant personality. She loves to dance, sing, and certainly has it in her future to act. I wanted a photo of her that had that “Shirley Temple” classic look, plus a few other photos that showed her hilarious side.  This is going to get its own spread in the album this year.


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