Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Juli

I met Juli quickly after starting my Portraits of a Photographer project. Juli is a bright student with so much life and potential, I know she will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. Juli has a deeper intensity about her that pulls you in, and her drive is absolutely inspiring. She is on a path where everything is about promise and learning for the future. I sincerely hope to have such a humble and willing state of mind for the rest of my life. Her passion lies in fashion and photography, so with her portraits, I wanted to capture her personality, highlight her awesome look, and really focus on her intense and motivated personality. We stayed in the studio to fit her style and found backdrops that were subtle, yet powerful – just like she is!

Read Juli’s story here!

Studio Portrait Photography Denver“My name is Juli Williams, and I’m a 21 year old portrait photographer. I grew up in a generation that made documenting one’s life through photos the norm, so picking up a camera was second nature to me. I started capturing photos of my life when I was 14 and received my first camera. As the youngest child in my family, I often had to find ways to entertain myself, so I started out photographing anything from inanimate objects around the house, to hanging out with friends, to endless amounts of self portraits.

Portrait Photographer North Denver ColoradoWhen I was given my first DSLR after graduating high school, I soon discovered what I truly loved photographing: people. Portrait photography really speaks to me, especially photos of people that could evoke an emotional response, tell a story, or make me feel like I was in that moment. I went on to shooting senior portraits, headshots for LinkedIn members, family portraits, and self organized fashion shoots.
These days I love to experiment with film photography as often as possible, as well as learning about new tools and techniques to explore, thus expanding my portfolio. My goals are to connect with local photographers, sharing ideas new and old, and to one day be a freelance fashion photographer. My biggest inspiration comes from fashion look-books, retro film photos, and other young up-and-coming photographers. Having a professional head shot is extremely important to me, as I start to make a business out of my photography and get my name out in to the world.”

Photographers inquire about taking the challenge and having your portraits taken at info@eldeenannette.com
Contact me for more information about special package pricing for photographers.


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