Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Wendy

Wendy loves to photograph babies, children, families. . . doesn’t that just make you want to smile and hug her?!  I had such a lovely time meeting with Wendy! Got to share trade secrets and talk about our processes. Wendy has a great eye for composition and capturing precious moments, and I can see her business continuing to grow for many years with her determination and skill set. We will be hanging out in a few weeks at lunch and truly look forward to chatting it up with someone in my field.

With Wendy, I went with a natural lighting setup and backdrop set to compliment her casual style. She has such an easygoing personality, that it was a piece of cake (or donuts as my preference goes) to get a superbly natural expression from her. I wish I could pose MYself so easily when I’m in front of a camera!

Check out her story and why she decided she was on board with the Portraits of a Photographer project/challenge:

Professional Portrait Studio in Broomfield Colorado

“My name is Wendy Wood and I am a mother to three incredible children, and a wife to a man I don’t know how I was so blessed to have come into my life. I began taking photography classes in grade school while living in Rochester New York, the home of Kodak. Since then, the camera has never left my side. I am a romantic, a dreamer and a hard worker. I enjoy being off the beaten path and am passionate about most things in my life. I love to cook, to be outdoors, the smell of coffee and the taste of chocolate. I enjoy traveling, running and hanging my clothes on the line to dry. Soaking in a hot bath is treat and working once everyone has gone to bed is paradise. Music motivates me and people intrigue me. My many friends are my sanity and my lifeline. I love school and could go for the rest of my life. If I had to choose another career it would be in some area of natural health.

I am grateful to consider my professional career to also be one of my passions in life. I loved college and still continue loving to learn. I think this is reflected in my work and how it has developed over the past 11 years. I have grown from more traditional photography to incorporating more spontaneous emotion, and more importantly including connection and relationship to one another.

Professional Headshots in DenverAs a photographer I feel so strongly about capturing my family and our relationship to one another that I have hired other professional photographers to take our family portraits more than once. If I am setting up our family portrait or my headshot and having a friend assist me, I am not engaged with my family. Instead, I am posing my family, watching the direction of light, checking for stray hairs, open eyes, etc. and I am missing the fun I could be having…missing holding my daughter in my lap, hearing my youngest son’s laugh, my oldest sons shy smile or my husband’s gentle touch. Hiring a professional allows you to be you and to enjoy the moment. This is the same for a professional headshot. I can relax and allow my true spirit to shine thru if I am not the one focusing the camera!

I think this is something as photographers we owe to our clients and ourselves. We are challenged to educate people to know yes, they can take their own photographs and save some money but the true emotion and relationships will be lost. When they do hire us to photograph them or their families we have to again teach them to relax and let us find the beauty that we know is there.

It’s an investment with infinite return, and one I can’t imagine any parent or any photographer would regret.”

Learn more about taking the challenge. info@eldeenannette.com
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