Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Sean

I love meeting people who are in my field, yet have a completely different skill set than I do. Sean is a wildlife and nature photographer (so cool), has met a bear face to face, tackled an alligator, had a big-horned sheep try to take a bit out of his lens, been mere feet from a moose, and has spent 8 hours solid on a photography venture before (that he told me about – I bet he’s had even longer trips to snag that perfect photo!). He’s got a ton of passion and purpose behind wildlife photography, and inspires me to want to give it a try myself some time!  Sean was just super casual, incredibly nice, and totally easy to work with.

From Sean:

Portraits for photographers

“I use photography as a means to document the diminishing natural world. I make pictures that call attention to things that other people may overlook. My goal is to make photographs that connect viewers to the wilderness.  I’ve been told my photographs are like a virtual Colorado vacation.  Headshots photographer colorado
 It has been estimated that 17,000 species vanish every year.  I photograph wild animals in their natural environment because I want to preserve a moment in time. I try to capture a wild animals’ personality, or at least hint that there might be more going on behind their eyes than we give them credit for.
The subjects of my photography are not always completely my choice. I put myself in places where my experience and research tell me animals may be at a particular place at a given time, but nature works on her own clock. I can only do my best with what she offers.
The best wildlife photography and the best portraits both go beyond showing what a subject looks like and give a glimpse into their world. Through the eyes of an animal or person one can see into the soul and see something of a subjects character. A subjects surroundings also tell about who they are and what they do.”

For more information about Portraits for Photographers, and to book a photographer’s session, contact Eldeen at info@eldeenannette.com


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