Portraits of a Photographer: Molly

The latest photographer to take the challenge and schedule a portrait session for herself is Molly McMillan, a beautiful, vibrant photographer with a simply stunning look about her. I think a lot of people will be able to connect with her story – she started out just like I did 10 years ago, and just like many of you did as well, I’m certain. She was a joy to photograph –  I just love dark hair with light skin (especially when her skin is PERFECT! …just a little envious – that’s all). We had a bright, sunny day to work with, and got some great outdoor shots to go with her brand and personality. Lovely to meet you, Molly!

Here is her story:

“I am addicted to photography. My father (a Fred Rogers look-alike) was always taking photos of my brother and myself when we were little.  He used an old Argoflex camera and I can remember being fascinated by how he could be “seeing” us when he was looking down into the camera. Technology has definitely changed but my awe at the ability to capture images forever has never dulled. Professional Portrait Studio

My hubby of 26 years and I adopted both of our daughters at birth. Our oldest is 20 and the baby is 14. I have gone from taking photos of them with film to digital and now can’t get them to pose for me anymore. Thank maybe I over did it? Oh well, it encouraged me to “borrow” other people’s kids to take their photographs and after classes, investing in good equipment and learning at the feet of other amazing photographers, my business began. After three years I feel like I have just now begun to make that transition from accidentally getting the shot to getting it with purpose.

Colorado Portrait STudio People often ask me what my favorite thing to photograph is and I tell them I shoot anything that moves. The truth is, if I could walk everywhere with my camera and shoot without anyone noticing I would do it every day all day. Capturing expressions and quiet moments and those eyes that are reflecting the light around them and families loving on each other brings me true joy. Waiting out a fussy baby or a grumpy toddler doesn’t faze me at all. It’s all good.

As much as I love taking photographs, I don’t love having my own photo taken. If I were a teenager now with a smart phone you would NOT see me taking selfies. Having a quality image of myself is important for my business because customers connect with me online before we meet in person sometimes.  They need to feel comfortable with who they will be trusting to capture their moments.  Having another professional photographer take my photo is an absolute necessity. I suppose I could hand my camera over to a friend and walk them through it but that would be like asking my hair dresser to build a room on to my house. It just wouldn’t work. Good photography goes way beyond having a nice camera or the best software. It is a skill learned and perfected by those of us who just can’t get enough of that photography thing. Capturing personality takes more than the push of a button. Letting go and trusting someone else who also has a passion for photography helps me to relax and show my true self in my portrait. Not having to focus on camera settings or the light because I know I am in good hands allows me to “just be” and therefore produces an image I am proud of and can look at and think “Man, I look good.” “

molly mcmillan

Are you ready?

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