Portraits of a Photographer: Kristina

I got to photograph this beautifully dark-haired, light-skinned (you know how I love that combination) photographer today, Kristina Rice. She had a depth about her that absolutely pulled me in during the shoot, yet, in her eyes was joy and a light-hearted spirit. I asked her why she decided to become a pro photographer and got a great story out of it, I would love to share:

Kristina’s Story:

“Why I decided to become a professional photographer – Oh boy. Well, here is the honest short version. In a nutshell, I wanted to have gorgeous photographs of our own kids but couldn’t afford to hire a photographer and haaated going to the mall! Now, 4 years and thousands of dollars later, I realize I have spent way more than I thought I would have saved, ha! But really, my interest in it started a couple years before then with just goofing off when my (now husband) fiance and I would go out on these 4-wheeling excursions in the mountains. He’d drive the jeep, run the obstacles, and I’d run off and take pictures of me and my friend being silly, trees, landscape, flowers, rock stackings, whatever would entertain us or catch our eye. It was fun and it became my own hobby, something I never had.

Headshots for Photographers Professional Portraits

A few things that people may notice about me, one I do get distracted very easily and it seems that it’s only become worse since becoming a mom and being at home with two 3ft tall tornados! You may be in a conversation with me and then suddenly I’m walking towards something else, to touch it or exam it closer (SQUIRREL!). I often look away when someone is talking to me. My towels have to be folded in a certain way but fitted bed sheets can just be rolled into a ball. I’m very much into certain clicking sounds and I have to check door locks 8 times while saying, “The door is locked. The door is locked. The…” you get the point. Am I OCD? I have not idea! But I feel as though my awkwardness and short attention span has helped to make my clients feel comfortable (no pressure on them, they’re too busy wondering how much caffeine I’ve had, lol!) and our sessions flow more smoothly.

As a mom and a photographer, I really try to encourage my mommy clients to get in there with their kids, don’t worry about your makeup, your hair, that you’re still wearing the same pajamas from two days ago, etc and etc, your kids don’t care! They want mommy in there with them, being silly, snuggling, tickling.  They will want those photos and love those photos in 10, 20, 30 years when your hair is gray and you’re still wearing yoga pants!  This is why I love photography and why I love lifestyle photography. Every day we’re planning for the next day, so let a photograph stop time for you and keep that memory safe.

So now it’s my turn to get in FRONT of that lens! Why would I hire a professional photographer to photograph me?  Because I want to experience what my clients experience. I want to have fun and not worry about setting the camera up and handing it off to a friend or my husband. I want to leave that session smiling, feeling good and thinking, omg I can’t wait to see how cheesy I look and then be speechless when I get to see that my perception of myself is totally off.  I know that all of this can only be achieved by a professional that knows their craft, that can see the image they want to create before they press that shutter and that know how to work with their client to make them feel comfortable. That is why I would hire a professional and not my husband with his iphone. :)”

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