Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Stori

This is Stori. And she has pretty much the coolest name I’ve heard of ever. Looks like a lovely day for our photo session, but do not be deceived: it was FREEZING outside and windy, but Stori was a trooper and we got some beautifully natural, easy-going looks in her portraits. Stori shoots weddings and portraits out of Conifer and works as a lighting expert for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts! She gave me such beautiful expression during our shoot – something in her eyes that just tells you so much about who she is. Motivated, beautiful inside and out. . .

Here’s Stori’s Story!
In order to tell you how I became a photographer, I must also touch on the other events in my life that always pointed me in the direction of a camera. I have always had art in my life growing up as the daughter of a talented artist. So I guess you could say I developed my artistic eye early. Unfortunately, I did not inherent my father’s artistic hand…so I had to find other ways of capturing things around me. Thus leading me into the arms of my camera.
Jumping ahead to my college years, I graduated school with a degree in Technical Theatre specializing in Lighting Design. What I experienced in those four short years was a fantastic connection between two things that I hold dearly to my heart. Photography and lighting design. As a lighting designer, we are expected to take production photos of our lighting work to add to our portfolios. This was an amazing revolution to how I looked through my lens. I became much more aware of light and how it affected an object or a person. How the direction, color, intensity, or beam could drastically change the outcome and overall feeling of the captured photo.Professional Headshots Louisville CO
I took what I learned from shooting on stage to a more personal level. I became intrigued with human emotion (perhaps you could blame all of my exposure to acting for this), and how you can combine light with people to create dramatic scenes. Thus leading into my photography career.
Portrait Studio ColoradoI would consider myself a natural light photographer, using the sun as my light source and human emotion and interaction as my portrait. I try and use my love for photography and my personality to make all of my clients comfortable during their shoot. I pull out all of my jokes (or at least those I’ve stolen from my wonderful fiancé) and put couples in fun situations to get that natural smile and natural embrace. Whether it be a wedding, family photos, senior pictures, or engagement shots; I try and find the true “light” of my client and capture it on camera in the same way I watched my father capture magic in his art.
My love for raw emotion and personality in a picture can only help affirm why it is so important for me to have a professional headshot of myself that expresses all these same qualities. If I expect this of myself and the pictures I take, it is only fitting that I have a professional photographer capture me in the same light. I thank Eldeen for this opportunity. A chance for me to be on the other side of the lens and have a beautifully executed picture of myself to display proudly to my clients; a picture to show the true me.
-Stori H-

Contact Eldeen Annette for details on a Portraits for Photographers Shoot: info@eldeenannette.com
Visit the website: EldeenAnnette.com

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