White and Black | Professional Celebrity-Style Portraits

I love giving everyday people images that would satisfy any celebrity. Regular, ordinary, un-famous people like me and you deserve to have incredible images, too, with innovate lighting, posing, post-processing, and a unique edge. I love it when client book a more high-end celebrity-style session with me. Often, we figure out a story and shoot for that. On this shoot with Maddison (a mom of a young toddler, wife, and beautiful everyday woman), we went for a white and black idea, making her expression the star of every image. I put her into poses that would satisfy any Broncos Cheerleader, and gave each image a lighting setup with a more daring, cutting-edge feel to it. I wanted to create images that would make her feel like a supermodel and could easily stand proud in Vogue or Glamour Magazine (in many cases, I think these photos even surpass many of the images found in Vogue).

Anyway, we had a great time and got her a significant set of high-end photos. This is, by far, my favorite type of photo shoot. I always try and throw in a bit of modern like this into standard studio headshot and portrait sessions, too. . . because who wouldn’t want to feel, just a bit, like they could belong in a magazine?

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Eldeen Annette Portraiture

Portraits for Professional Cheerleaders

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