Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Flor

I met Flor at the Joe McNally lighting conference at the Colorado Convention Center a few weeks ago. We had a great time talking photography during the all-day event – it was nice to be sitting with someone I could really connect with! Flor came in for a photoshoot last week to get some fresh portraits that showcased her beauty (anyone else jealous of her hair?!) (oh, and SKIN?!). I loved the colors she brought for her outfits – so much vibrancy and life to her! It was such a pleasure to hand out with her for an hour taking pictures, and bring out her joyful side and her simple beauty as well.

Favorite quote I’ve ever read came from her story: “my camera is really a time machine.”  TOTALLY!!

Here’s Flor’s story!:

“I grew up in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I was a very active child and did everything from music, to drawing, to theater, (yes, I have ADHD.) My mom is a talented fashion designer and seamstress, and my dad does everything else, so I was always surrounded by fabrics, patterns, sketches, crafts, and people. I am the oldest of 4 girls and we spent a lot of time in my mother’s workroom. I wanted to learn how to sew, but got discouraged because I stitched my fingers together more times than I care to admit. However, all of this helped shape my aesthetic and gave me a great understanding of how design and the creative process in general works.High End Portrait Studio Denver

All my life I’ve been interested in photography, the biggest reason for my interest is curiosity. My parents don’t have pictures of them before their 20’s, I never saw a picture of my grandparents taken before I was born, and my dad’s father passed when my dad was a teenager so we’ve never seen an image of him. That curiosity of wanting to know how my ancestors looked like when they were young drove me to develop a necessity to capture life around me. To me my camera is really a time machine.Professional Portraits

I am a portrait, editorial, and commercial photographer. I chose portraiture because people inspire me and I thrive making honest, emotional, and creative images of them. I adore portraits so much that sometimes I get a little sad when I see a beautiful setting with no people in it.

As a photographer having a great image of myself is crucial. I think that as a professional is important to go through the experience of being in front of the lens, to get a taste of what our clients go through. To be able to relax and have fun as I get my pictures taken, because a pro is directing me. So when I look at the pictures, I see images that show how cool I felt when I got my hair and makeup done. To get honest, fun, and beautiful photos of myself, because I strive to do the same for my clients. http://www.florblakephoto.com”

It’s worth being on the other side of the lens: info@eldeenannette.com


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