Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Jared

Jared is fairly new to Colorado, a father, husband, and all-around great guy! He shoots weddings (I am amazed at how many great wedding photographers there are in Colorado!) and does  a great job at it. I love his story – he was dedicated to this from a young age, and never gave it a half-hearted effort, which I’m sure, is why he is so successful today! We had a sort-of mini session for his headshots, but no big deal about that at all – we still got some great shots for him to use in his growing photography business!

Jared’s story:

“As a child I was always intrigued with soulful artwork of all different sorts. I loved the way it made me feel and the places it took me to in my thoughts. I remember going through my grandpa’s albums for hours and imagining what he must have been like when he was my age. The images somehow immortalized him and made his story come to life in my head. They were a time machine of sorts.Wedding Photographer Denver Colorado

My first camera was a cheap, point-and-shoot 35mm, and my first clients were my neighborhood friends jumping their BMX bikes on dirt mounds over irrigation ditches; my dad’s Canon SLR was off limits. Paying to develop the film was a challenge–I paid for it myself, even as a very young kid–but it made the results that much more rewarding.Denver Wedding PHotographer

As I grew older and into my teen years, photographs of my friends and family found themselves plastered all over my bedroom walls. In high school I took photography classes and was introduced to darkrooms and learned to develop my own images. This made photography that much more intriguing and the final prints that much more attainable.

I got my first digital camera during my senior year in high school. It had a whopping 2.0 megapixels, cost a small fortune, and needed new batteries every 5 minutes. But it was digital, and it was cool! I took that camera with me everywhere. It visited several countries and captured many, many memories. A short year later I upgraded to another camera with 5.1 megapixels. That was a lot megapixels back then and the saga of newer and better cameras every year or two continues to today.

My photography first started getting attention in an unlikely way. Other than photography, I have a passion for motorcycling (riding them and customizing them). My images of customized bikes I had seen, and of my motorcycle trips I had gone on, made their way onto social media sites and forums, and I quickly began getting a bit of attention from various enthusiasts. A few months later, a publisher reached out to me and asked about using some of my images to compliment an article for a high-profile motorcycle magazine. Later, at a motorcycle event, the chief editor was talking to me about my photography and encouraged me to pursue it. Up to this point I had only taken photos for my personal enjoyment, but decided to explore the industry a bit further.

I soon gained a love for the technical aspects of photography and began studying the ins and outs of exposure, lighting, composure, focal length, posing, etc. with a new ambition. Within a short amount of time, I was hooked beyond return. At that time, I was working an office job, but I had become good friends with other local photographers and was regularly asked to help with weddings. After spending a few days shooting second for a wedding in Canada with a prominent, full-time photographer, he encouraged me (as had several other photographers) to make a larger commitment to photography. I accepted the challenge and began the long adventure of creating JMGant Photography, filling my evenings and weekends full of photography opportunities. A few months later, I decided to jump into the photography business with both feet and have been running full speed ever since.

I love meeting new people and helping them immortalize their stories, just like my grandpa immortalized his for me. I especially love being a part of weddings because they are full of amazing emotion, and I love being such an important part of such a special day. I love taking pictures of people and capturing various memories in a way that brings personal history to life and inspires story-telling for years to come.

I truly have a fascination with art and a passion for photography that I aim to express with every image I take. I am seldom on the other side of the camera, but recognize the importance of having a professional portrait of myself and appreciate the opportunity work with another amazing professional in the industry.

Jared M. Gant

Book your photography session: info@eldeenannette.com

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