Portraits of a Photographer: featuring Caleb

My latest Photographer Portrait Session features Caleb, a super cool dude who loves to photograph nature, people, and pets (can give just stop a moment and give major kudos to a pet photographer?).  His landscape work is just gorgeous and it was a joy to have him in the studio to get him a set of portraits he can use in his business.

Caleb’s Story:

I have been taking pictures since my sister first bought me a camera when I was 6. I haven’t stopped since. My mother bought me a Minolta SLR when I was 14 to see if I really would take my “hobby” and continue on with it. I wore that camera out in the next 3 years; I guess I was ready to go further! I would still be lost when it comes to knowing the tech side of photography and how to get a great shot all the time, If it wasn’t for an associate by the name of Jason Buck who took the time teach me.Headshots Portrait Studio

It has always been my passion to take a picture that created an emotion when someone saw it. So I was never very picky about what I got to photograph as long as I was taking pictures. Pro Headshots Photographer in DenverWhen someone looks at one of my photos and remembers a forgotten memory, or they are struck with the awe of nature, or their heart skips a beat thinking about the person in the picture, that’s when I know I have done my job as a photographer.

The second part of my photography passion is teaching others how to use their camera. I feel like Photography is an art medium, just like oil and watercolor. It’s a way to capture the moment for others to remember. But I feel the art side sometimes gets lost in the digital age.  So I try to teach people to take a printable image with the camera to start with. It makes me feel like I made a difference when I see it click for students and they understand how to recreate a great photograph over and over again. Just like others teach me new things all the time.

Professional Portraits for Photographers: info@eldeenannette.com | http://cardchef.com/portraits/photographer_portraits

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