NEW Class of 2015 Model Program for Eldeen Annette Portraiture

TO those of you who know juniors in high school. . .

I have totally revamped my rep program and am getting ready to launch my NEW Class of 2015 Model Program. I need your help finding juniors who would love to model next year and represent the class of 2015 in a totally new way. The new model program for next year will have points, super custom photo shoots, CASH PRIZES, and no pressure!

I need each of YOU to personally recommend to me anyone that you think would be AWESOME for the new Eldeen Annette Model Program!  I’m looking for people that are sporty, artistic, athletic, musical, academic, and all shapes and sizes to participate in the new Model Program.  I need models from Mead, Legacy, Mountain Range, Horizon, CCA, Broomfield High, Peak to Peak, and especially need models from other high schools so I can start expanding.

Here’s how easy it is:
I simply need:
NAME of the person you are recommending
HIGH SCHOOL they attend
EMAIL ADDRESS and FACEBOOK NAME of the potential model (i say Facebook name because sometimes their Facebook name isn’t obvious).

Your email to me might look something like this:
Hi, Eldeen! This is Jennie Park. Here are some juniors I think would be great as models for next year (basically all the juniors I know, lol!)
Renee Kraft, Legacy HS,,
Taylor Hunt, Legacy HS,,
Shaun Lowe, Monarch HS,,

…and so on

I need this NO later than December 10th. I need all of my models secure in time for the high school mailer I have to have printed and ready in just a couple months!

Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to meet my new models, recommended by YOU!

Email your recommendations to:



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