Class of 2015 Model – Makenna

Makenna has things about her – natural beauty style things – that I LOVE to photograph. Freckles, red hair, perfect skin and teeth (jealous!!), and vibrant blue eyes. She is a dream model for any photographer and I GOT HER! She goes to Legacy (I just love all the kids at that school!) and to be a neonatal nurse would be her dream job after school. She plays soccer, loves working out, loves BREAD for dessert (mmmmmm), and can run forever (jealous again).

Some more fun facts about Makenna:
1. She met Jennifer Lawrence!
2. Favorite things she has in her closet are scarves and yoga pants
3. When she grows up, in addition to becoming a nurse I assume, Makenna wants to be happy. I just love that outlook on life!

Check out what we were able to get in her short 15-minute shoot!
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