Class of 2015 High School Senior Model – Jessi

My beautiful model, Jessi attends Brighton High School and loves art! She would love to own a tattoo shop or do interior design (I foresee an incredibly creative senior session in our near future!).  Her friends would describe her as weird (in all the right ways!), tall, out spoken, genuine, carefree, strong, and I would personally add, beautiful to that list.

Some things you might not know about Jessi:
1. She loves vanilla ice cream (hear hear!) and grape laffy taffy
2. Jessi won first place in a fashion show (do I know how to pick ’em or what?!) and got a lead in Brighton High School’s production
3. She always has chapstick in her purse

Check out Jessi’s images from her model session!

We got these incredible images in just 15 minutes – imagine what we could do with 90 minutes or even 7 hours! Check out the session options under the “INFO” page at



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