Class of 2016 model – Sydney

Two super cool things to know right away about Sydney Dumler – 1. She’s gorgeous (OBviously), and 2. THIS GIRL CAN SING! Seriously. Don’t believe me? Feeling skeptical about taking my word for it? Look her up on YouTube. See for yourself:

Yes, she is a singer / songwriter / destined for amazingness in her near future. She is a Mountain Range High School student who loves sour patch kids candy, Steve Madden shoes, and performing! I can’t wait to say one day, “I know that girl!” when she’s made her first album and is on the radio.

Fun things you might not have known about Sydney:
1. She HATES pickles (I am SO there with you)
2. She might have an obsession with mac n cheese (again, speaking my love language here)
3. She can play the ukelele

Here are the photos we got at her model session!
Class of 2016 senior portraits


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