Senior Model – Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a natural beauty with a smile to light up any room! She is a Niwot High School student and plays the harp! I can’t WAIT to take pictures of her in her element. Photographing people doing what they love is one major reason photography brings joy to my life. I love seeing and capturing people at their best. Elizabeth loves a website I’ve never been to, amazingly, because I LOVE Disney, so I’m going to have to check it out now: In 10 years, she sees herself playing harp professionally and raising a family. Sounds like a plan, Lizzy!

Cool stuff about Elizabeth:
1. She was accepted to be an ambassador for the National Society of High School Scholars (I have such smart kids as models!)
2. She just might be caught singing “Let It Go” all the time – it’s her favorite song.
3. She sang in the chorus of the Broadway Musical Titanic in the Lincoln Center in NY!

We got a bunch of photos at her model session!
Class of 2015 senior portrait photographer colorado

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