Eldeen Annette Senior Model – Reina

The first time I saw Reina, she was at my sister’s house and I just HAD to ask my sister who that California beauty was! At that time, she had long hair, but she looks just as stunning, if not more so, with her new short ‘do. Reina had an effortless way of modeling for me and I can’t wait to have her model for me again soon! I’m SO glad she’s going to be modeling in the Fashion Show! Get tickets now!

She goes to Mountain Range High School and would love to be a tattoo artist some day. She’s a TOTAL artist (can’t you just see the creativity?!), doesn’t carry a purse,  and recently read Life of Pi (didn’t know that WAS a book! Now I think I’d better get it!).

Reina has too many cool things about her to list them all, but here are just a few!
1. She’d love to meet Kurt Cobain or Matt Hitt
2. She can always tell who sings a song
3. She loves Twix and Mountain Dew…  and brownies.
4. She thinks I’m way cool (had to throw that in there – i love being cool)

Visit my site to see which high school senior session option is right for you!

Here are her photos from our 15-minute model session!
Eldeen Annette portrait studio

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