Getting ready for your makeover

Attention Senior Girls!

Getting a professional makeover is one of the most exciting things about your senior portrait session. Having someone apply your makeup for you will help create those magical images that you are looking for in your photos. A pro will know how to give you a natural, beautiful look that photographs well and goes right with your personality and style.

We’ve asked our top makeup artist for some tips on how to prepare for your makeover and got some GREAT answers! Take notes, and follow these guidelines so your makeover is the best it can be.

1- Two days before your makeover, exfoliate the face and lips using a facial scrub (I like neutrogena pink grapefruit or their naturals pore refining scrub) or by lightly scrubbing with a washcloth.

2- Moisturize your face and lips the day before. Make sure your face lotion DOES NOT have any SPF for pictures, it has a white flash back.

3-Get eyebrows groomed (waxed, threaded, trimmed, tinted or shaped) give at least 5 days before pictures incase of any breakouts.

4-Use redness relief eyedrops to help whiten and enhance eye color.

5-Tip for that blasted acne: Help combat redness and swelling from acne or allergies with home remedies such as peppermint oil, pure tea tree oil or rose water. Apply directly to red or inflamed area with a cotton round 3 times daily until redness dissipates.

6-Avoid direct sun exposure prior to makeover to prevent sunburns. You don’t want red skin in your photos. Be careful in the sun and use lots of sunblock two weeks prior to your shoot to prevent red skin and harsh tan lines.

7-Drinks LOTS of water! Skin and eyes will be brighter and more moisturized

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