How to prepare for your senior portrait session

how to prepare for your senior portrait session


PREPARING FOR Your Senior Session

Your photo shoot is coming up soon!  Here are some important things to remember:

Come with no makeup on, and clean, dry hair. If you have  an idea of how you want your hair styled, you can totally bring a photo to show the stylist!  She is an incredible artist.

Do your nails either the day before, or the day  of your session. Make sure your finger and  toe nails are looking just perfect, since we will  most likely get them in your shots and chipped paint and cracks can not be photoshopped away.

Clothing is a VITAL part of having a great shoot.  Bring 7-10 outfits for me to choose from. I strongly recommend mixing it up. Layers are awesome, flowing dresses, boots, hats & accessories… the more research and time you spend putting outfits together, the better your photos will be! Make sure all of your chosen outfits are wrinkle free  and have no pet hair or lint on them.

Organize each outfit so it is all together on one set of  hangers, including coordinating jewelry. DO NOT put your clothes in a bag where they will get wrinkly.

Remember to pack your hobbies – things that tell a story about who you are. The possibilities are endless! Examples  could be instruments, sports equipment, specialized uniforms (like army or  cheerleader), books, art supplies, etc.

Think about bringing a friend or two! They are awesome moral support, can help you get that perfect, natural laugh. Plus, we might even get a few shots of you together!

Do you think your mom would be up for posing with you for a few shots?  Mother-daughter photos are some of the most cherished images we capture during a senior photo shoot. Ask her if she will give you a quick hug for a few pictures. If she’s game, help her choose  an outfit that will go beautifully with one of your favorites.

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