Professional Headshots Denver

Headshots for Dr. Holtzer and Sarah Morgan

I had such a great time photographing professional headshots for these two INCREDIBLE people who are starting up a safe, great product for kids. Sarah is a dedicated nutritionist… I remember the first time I ever met her, we had her and her husband over for dinner and I served a VERY sugary Chinese chicken dish.  Then I learned that she was a nutritionist, haha! At least I had some steamed carrots in the mix. But actually, she’s one of those nutritionists who fully believes in balance, so they enjoyed a full helping of sugar Chinese Chicken.

Both of these two are photogenic to the max. We created a bright, friendly look for their portraits. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Here is a little bit about their company:

OH, and a cool note: they will be doing a contest to give away a year’s supply of Vax Support on Wednesday on their facebook page. Worth checking out.

Here are the headshots we got for them! Good lookin’ duo, no?
Professional Headshots Denver Professional Headshots Denver Professional Headshots Denver

Today one of the biggest questions parents are asking around the world is on the topic of vaccinations. There are many polarizing voices out there; leaving many parents feeling conflicted about what to do. Legislation is being passed around the globe to move people towards vaccine compliance as the anti-vaccine movement grows and first world cities are primed for preventable outbreaks.

 Science has advanced us into understanding more about biochemistry and genetics: specifically on the topic of methylation. We now know that almost half of the 4 million babies being born in America every year have some form of a methylation disorder that is NOT addressed in a newborn inborn error of metabolism screening. Healthy methylation is crucial for conception and prenatal development through epigenetic regulation as well as childhood through adulthood health by reducing the risk for chronic, preventable diseases like heart disease, cancer, stroke and neurodegeneration. We created an animated video called “How Vax Support Works” that explains methylation in an easy-to-understand fashion at of the “side effects” and “problems” that are associated with vaccines are explainable by problems with methylation. This is the biggest area of breakthrough in current medical research with autism; a condition feared with regards to vaccinations. 

That’s why we developed Vax Support. Vax Support is an innovative, first of its kind dietary supplement that “hugs” a child’s methylation pathways supporting their underlying biochemistry and providing parents peace of mind. Vax Support is to be used as a daily supplement while children are vaccinated throughout childhood. Its intended use is 6 months of age to 18 years of age. Our vision is to create a space where parents can get innovative, empowering answers to questions they are asking about their child’s health and truly give their child the best.

Check us out at to learn more, watch our videos and be one of the first to get the product!

Giving children the best, 

Giving Dr. Holtzer and Sarah Morgan

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