Senior Portrait Photography Swag Bag

Senior Swag Bag Sponsor Amber Irsik – Custom Jewelry

Amber Irsik makes THE MOST FUN and beautiful custom jewelry in Northern Colorado. She is one of our valued and incredible senior swag bag sponsors this year – every senior received one of her stunning pieces in their bag.  Think birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day, or just gift yourself with one of her beautiful works of wearable art!

Here is a bit more about her!

Senior Portrait Photography Swag Bag
Copious amounts of exercise and a positive attitude have contributed to my sanity and ability to allocate my time wisely. Since starting Amber I Designs in 2007, with the support of my husband and 2 kids, I have built a quaint little jewelry business while working full time. Advertising on Etsy and Pinterest in addition to participating in blog give-a ways and charity donations, have continued to result in a positive pursuit to expand my brand and grow my business. I thoroughly enjoy supplying the accessories to compliment my consumers style. From wedding jewelry and up-cycling old pieces, to a roller derby line, or just simply organic, Amber I Designs offers an eclectic collection to fill all of your unique jewelry needs.

Add the finishing touches for your wedding day or the signature cuff for your daily ensemble. Experience the feeling of completeness and the image of accomplishment. Amber I Designs isn’t just something you wear, it’s how it makes you feel.

Get in touch to begin your beautifully custom piece:

Denver Senior Portrait Photography Swag Bag

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