unique senior portrait ideas

Unique Senior Picture Ideas

A decade of Photography experience and Photoshop training can lead to some really unique senior pictures.  One of my favorite things to do is create a set for my seniors that have a serious wow-factor.  Something that looks like it came out of a magazine, or is fun to hang on the wall and have in the album.

With this BEAUTIFUL senior, we did a more fun set with ice cream and bubblegum.  Ice Cream Cone Senior Pictures and Bubblegum Senior Pictures can be overdone and predictable, so we opted to keep it sweet, simple, and editorial.

Apply your skills, photographers! Get creative and enjoy your craft by creating something that pushes your limits, sets new standards for yourself, and will make your clients very happy.

Ice Cream Senior Photos

Bubblegum Senior Pictures Denver

Eldeen Annette is one of northern Colorado’s leading senior portrait photographers and uses high end lighting, posing, creativity to provide a truly unique experience for each senior.

For more information, visit http://eldeenannette.com

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