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Pre-Teen Photo Session – Brianna

OH, this girl was a sweet one.  She was absolutely delightful at her photo session. Before her session (and without her knowing!), we send out questionnaires to the people in her circle.  At her presentation, we surprise her with truths and encouragements as we show her pictures.  When I was reading through all of the stories and truths that her teachers, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and parents wrote about her in the questionnaires that I send out, I was in tears. We had a beautifully moving presentation this morning, and I think you’ll agree, what her circle had to say about her is evident in her smile and expression.  I know that this will have a lasting impression for this 11 year-old. Congrats to her mom and dad for wanting to give Brianna an experience that will encourage her to believe in herself. These are some of the most rewarding sessions I do.

Meet Brianna – she LOVES learning, loves books and reading, plays the viola, loves God, and is a major inspiration to those around her.

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Contact Eldeen through her website on www.EldeenAnnette.com for more information about this transformative photo session for your 10-12 year old.

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