Beautiful Cat Photography

Cat Photography in Studio

I LOVE ANIMALS.  …except wild mice so much.

We got a cat named Simon a year ago because of our hilarious (well, my kids didn’t think it was so hilarious) MOUSE issue.  We live out in the country and in ONE week, we have 12 mice in our house. In fact, there is a funny video out there about the 3 mice we caught in our bedroom closet one day (which i can’t find!).  Anyway, enter Simon. He is a 9 year-old cat we got from the pound and has been THE BEST cat you can imagine.  He doesn’t ruin anything, he likes people, he’s beautiful, big enough to handle the bulldog, and best of all – he gets those MICE! Tiny downside is that he likes to leave them on our front or back porch (show off), but we are grateful to him for his service.  He does sort of act like the King of the household at times, so he deserved a regal photo shoot.  Here is my cat in the studio: King Simon’s photo session.

We’ve been comparing him to Prince John, from Robin Hood (Disney)

Funny Cat Photo

Cat Studio Photography

Photographing Simon the Cat wasn’t as difficult as I expected! With enough cat treats available, delivered periodically by the kids, he was happy to hang out. In fact, he only got annoyed once.  haha!

Funny Cat Photography

I photographed him on two backdrops – white and also black with unique studio lighting setups for each situation. Photographing fur is MUCH different than skin.

Beautiful Cat Portrait

And eventually, he got bored.  And still, in his sleep, posed beautifully for the camera.

Sleeping Cat Photo

And that is the story of Simon’s photo shoot!


I do pet photography out of my home studio. If you have a well-behaved pet that needs a portrait, contact me for more details on special pet photography packages.

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