Bitsy the Bulldog Photo Shoot

The best part about pet photography is how creative you can be with them.  Dogs bring such joy to our lives, and good pictures of them help us keep the memory and their joy alive forever.  And make us laugh.  And smile.  And get warm fuzzy feelings.  And even sometimes cry.  If you have a pet that means a lot to you and your family, I truly recommend having someone professional take their portrait.  Put their photo in your scrapbook.  Hang their portraits on your wall in the pet room or your kids’ bedrooms.  You will be glad you did.

Here is Bitsy the Bulldog.  Bitsy loves food, so we went with that.  Custom sewn apron, a customized chef’s hat made from printer paper, and a beautifully decorated cupcake just for the occasion (and yes, we did let her have a bite after the shoot was done!)

Bulldog Photography

Funny Bulldog Photography

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