Star Wars Halloween Costume

Star Wars Costume for Halloween

We LOVE Star Wars around here.  Our entire basement is decorated in custom Star Wars art, we watch the movies in order repeatedly, and just love all the new characters that came with The Force Awakens. Summer (my 9 year-old) is so inspired by Rey – her room has a giant mural of Rey and BB-8, is painted like a desert, and has all kinds of Art on the walls painted by all of our family. Suffice it to say, Summer wanted to be Rey for Halloween.  School doesn’t start until 9, so we had plenty of time to get ready and do a photo shoot before her hair gets messed up from the playground.

How fun to create EPIC images for kids. We will be printing this one BIG for her room.

Star Wars Halloween Costume Photography – Summer as Rey from Star Wars
Star Wars Costume Rey

Rey Costume for Girls

Star Wars Costume Photography

EPIC Halloween Costume sessions start at $500.
Contact Eldeen at

And just for fun, here is just a bit of Summer’s room. We had fun painting her mural and each of us did our own “Doodle” in the shape of some of the characters.

Star Wars Art Star Wars Mural

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