Senior Portrait Photography Denver

Senior Portrait Photography – Reina

Reina was one of my absolute favorite senior models. This girl rocked ALL of her senior sessions (did I mention that my models get several?).  Her unique, artistic style made my job incredibly easy. From rocking her indoor set AND her outdoor set, to offering me expressions and poses that prove she could really model (if she could only grow 5 inches, haha!), I had an absolute blast photographing her in every scenario.  High School senior portraits should reflect. 100%, the senior in front of the camera.  Reina made that a piece of cake for me.  Thank you, for being such an incredible mode, girl.  You set the standard high (for models to come, AND for me!)


High School Senior Portrait Photography – Reina

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Inquire about becoming a 2018 Senior Model with Eldeen Annette:  Only a select few are chosen to participate in the program.

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