Pet Photographer Denver

Puppy Portraits – Erie Colorado

Ohhhhhh puppies puppies puppies – how I love them.  I love all animals, but puppies have a special place in my heart.  Ghost is 5 months old and is on track to becoming 100-150 pounds! He was so cute and mellow, I’d say most of his photo shoot was me cuddling with him.  But in between cuddles, we got some beautiful photos of him for his people. My goal with pet photography is classic, timeless photos worthy of canvas for your home. He will look beautiful printed at 30×40 on the wall, don’t you think?

Here are this puppy’s beautiful shots:

Dog Studio Portraits Erie CO

I love the white on white on white. His fur was so pure, I didn’t want to take away from his gorgous color.

Dog Studio Portraits Erie CO

And one chasing him around, just for fun for the scrapbook:

Pet Photographer Erie CO

Dog Photos and Puppy Photography by Eldeen Annette |

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