Senior Portraits for Guys

Senior Portrait Photographer Denver – Eric

One of the best things we can do in a senior portrait photography session is include big props in a coordinating location. Put these items together with great lighting, posing, expression, and editing, and you will create a dynamic, EPIC set of images.  For Eric, we had him bring his car and found a spot that was a bit grungy with lots of concrete and metal detail and texture. The gray concrete, gray metal textures, gray outfits and silver car made for a striking set (but I am quite partial to tone-on-tone photos. They are timeless and modern and look great in any space).

Senior Portraits for Guys are so much fun. Here are just a handful of Eric’s senior portraits.

Car senior portraits do NOT have to be cookie-cutter or cliche. Done right, they are a modern, fun, impactful way to remember your senior year. I drove a purple 1969 Datsun convertible with Cow seat covers as a senior in high school – how I wish I had been photographed with such a memory during my senior portraits! Alas – Olan Mills doesn’t allow cars in the studio.  And i’m not sure they would have known what to do with it even if I could have brought it to my little shoot – requires some thinking outside the box, haha!

Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Colorado

Modern Metal Texture and a strong side light make a stand-out set of images.

Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Colorado


Always have to get a bold, bright headshot. A strong bokeh in the background (nice blur) means we keep the focus right on your senior.

Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Colorado

I LOVE finding wood texture to photograph senior guys with. These pallets were a perfect backdrop with his outfit.  And that red sole – ha!  perfect pop of surprising color.

Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Colorado

A loading dock behind a store (if you can get away with it) has great, masculine texture.  The guys love jumping into the giant frame.

Senior Portrait Photographer Erie Colorado

Senior Portraits for Guys by Eldeen Annette in Erie, Colorado. Head to: for more info.


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