Unique Senior Portrait Ideas for Guys

Unique Senior Portrait Ideas for Guys

Coming up with Unique Senior Portrait Ideas for Guys is still one of my favorite parts of specializing in senior portraits.  I love coming up with modern, stellar lighting, unique backdrops, celebrity-inspired poses, and anything else I can think of to make each senior portrait experience totally tailored. With this superman senior portrait, I created an edgy movie-poster style 3-light setup and highlighted his AWESOME Superman t-shirt to look larger than life. We even took another shot from this set and photoshopped in a city background to complete the effect, and saved it as a resolution printable as poster size.

Unique Senior Portrait Ideas for Guys

I loved this backdrop for Connor – he was the only senior I pulled it out for this year. His all-American look was a perfect fit for this type of senior portrait idea.

Guys Senior Portrait Ideas

We put a strong side light on Connor to highlight his hard work, haha! Definition in muscles can’t be found with a flat, natural light.

Guys Senior Portrait Ideas

We also got a full set of bright, bold senior portraits with an outdoor backdrop.  Variety is key for my seniors – we love options.

Guys Senior Portrait Ideas

I encourage all of my senior guys to bring a suit.  We can get the most classy, timeless, sophisticated images with an outfit as great and simple as this.

Guys Senior Portrait Ideas

Guys Senior Portrait Ideas

Edgy lighting and expression gave us yet another unique senior portrait idea – grunge.

Guys Senior Portrait Ideas

In all, we were able to get so many background options with Connor, they couldn’t leave home without them all. Imagine how well these photos will look as a set on the wall and in an album! These are legacy pieces that will be passed on for years – one of the best parts about my job is that I get to help others leave a legacy.



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